Letters to the editor
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To the Editor: We were pleased to see that CNY’s Feb. 5 issue reported on the Harlem March and Interfaith Day of Prayer to End Violent Loss in Our Community, which took place on … more
To the Editor: Thank you for your Editor’s Report in the Feb. 5 issue. Don’t you think there is a reason why Cardinal Dolan and Pope Francis, among the thousands of other … more
To the Editor: The first purpose of this e-mail is to thank you for printing the obituary of our Sister Mary Teresa McCaffrey in the most recent issue of CNY (Feb. 5). But, in … more
To the Editor: “Do not be afraid” is the constant refrain of Jesus in the Gospels and of all the recent popes. Please, CNY, do not be afraid to tell the whole truth about … more
To the Editor: Did anyone else notice that the chief “bad guy” of “The Boxtrolls” prominently wore a small but glaring white cross as part of his regalia? It was the … more
To the Editor: I hope to make two points relating to Cardinal Dolan’s column on Jan. 8. His Eminence spoke of the sad decline in the practice of our great faith in the last half century. … more
To the Editor: When you are a member of the Catholic Church you are a protecter and defender of all human life at all stages from conception in the womb to approaching death. You are supposed … more
To the Editor: During the process of Making All Things New in the archdiocese, St. Sylvia’s parish in Tivoli will be merged with St. Christopher’s parish in Red Hook. Both are … more
To the Editor: As a Christian, I do not believe Mohammed was a prophet sent by God. Nevertheless, I do not believe he should be mocked in the “Charlie Hebdo” magazine or other … more
To the Editor: During the Christmas season, many Catholics advocated putting Christ back into Christmas. While this is truly needed, I believe more focus should be on putting Christ … more