Letters to the editor
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To the Editor: In a story in the May 15 issue, “U.N. Committee Asks About Clergy Sex Abuse,” the leaders of the Church feel it incumbent to acquiesce to the United Nations on a … more
To the Editor: Christianity is under attack throughout most of the known world, and the United States offers no refuge in the storm, “Standing with Oklahoma City” (CNY, Aug 21). So … more
To the Editor: Thank you for the lovely write-up on the 50th anniversary of our parish, St. Francis of Assisi in West Nyack, which appeared in the July 24 issue. There is, however, a rather … more
To the Editor: As a naive R.A.F ground-crew airman assigned to the Middle East in the 1940s, I bore witness to the barbaric practices of the native jihadists in the Suez Canal area. Two of our … more
To the Editor: I would like to thank Msgr. Kevin Sullivan for providing clear understanding of a Christian response to the humanitarian crisis now taking place on the southern border of the … more
To the Editor: An ordinary bird, not a dove, perched itself above the entrance door to St. Patrick’s Cathedral welcoming the Holy Spirit as the trail of dignitaries processed down the main … more
To the Editor: Why is it that as of July 31, France is the only western country that has offered asylum to the thousands of Christians who have recently had to flee the Iraqi city of Mosul? … more
To the Editor: The story of the Spanish language in the United States is still unfolding. Whether it follows the same pattern of decline in use as other non-English languages, such as Italian, … more
To the Editor: Thank you so much for your article on Spain and the Monarchy by George Weigel in the July 24 issue. At last someone writes the truth about the Spanish Civil War. Thanks to … more
To the Editor: I would like to refer to Cardinal Dolan’s “Lord, To Whom Shall We Go?” column in the July 10 issue.  In the 1980s, I was working at a psychiatric … more
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