Call for ‘Firm Stand’


The chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Tom Perez, recently announced in effect that pro-life convictions were no longer welcomed in the party. (Story, Page 10.) Perez, a Catholic, went on to say that you can hold personal beliefs but, in the case of abortion rights, keep them to yourself. I would imagine this would also apply to any of the other social issues the Democratic party embraces.

This regrettable turn of events occurred following the candidacy of Democrat Heath Mello, a practicing Catholic, running for mayor of Omaha, Neb. Mello was originally endorsed by all the usual liberal/progressive factions of the party, but upon learning of his pro-life position they pulled their support. There were few Democrats who voiced their objections against this bigotry.

On April 27, Cardinal Dolan spoke out and called this radical position by the party’s chairman to support only pro-abortion candidates “intolerant and extreme.” The cardinal went on to say this was a “very disturbing” situation and urged Democrats to challenge the leadership of their party.

Although we should applaud the cardinal’s statement and defense of pro-life convictions, this begs the question: Is this all there is? When is the Church going to take a firm stand and take appropriate action when dealing with Catholics, especially those in the political class, who profess their faith but then turn around and reject the Church’s teachings? They should be given a choice, you’re either faithful to the Church or find something more suitable to your needs and desires.

Bob Pascarella



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