Good Recourse


Re: Bob Pascarella’s letter (CNY, July 6). Am I right that Vice President Pence was allowed to speak at the Notre Dame commencement? The students’ action did not prevent his address.

Students tend not to have the level of tolerance that we mature adults have (including, of course, Mr. Pascarella). A silent protest is one of the better recourses the young and relatively powerless have when they disagree with the opinions, beliefs and actions of those who control the government. 

A commencement does not give the attendants the opportunity to “respond in kind with a valid argument” or “to confront the Vice President.” On such a public occasion, the students chose the best way to express their views on the matter of settlement of Syrian refugees in Indiana and the other issues that Mr. Pence’s party proclaims to be the only correct position. 

In his letter, Mr. Pascarella’s last sentence clearly tells me that he lives in an either/or universe. I think that both the issue of immigration and the right to life are equally important. It need not be either/or.

Rosemary Molloy

Red Hook


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