Hard to Heal


CNY’s Oct. 13 issue included a heartfelt letter titled “In Need of Healing.” Sister spoke, in part, about how issues of taxation, climate change and racial tensions tend to arouse strong sentiments and disagreements during a presidential election season. She added, “After the election regardless of who is elected, our country will be in need of healing. Months of political tension will have taken its toll.”

How can there be healing and a “vision of the common good” when one of these candidates would impose an agenda and party platform, which includes promoting the killing of the unborn up to nine months, and who views Catholicism as a hindrance to that cause? How can there be healing when possibly four newly appointed Supreme Court justices will be used by that candidate to “fundamentally change things,” including promoting entities and laws directly opposed to Catholic teachings in the areas of assisted suicide, contraception, marriage, the family and further restrict the freedom to live your faith?

Sadly, some Catholics, both religious and lay, ignore or do not place appropriate significance to these matters and instead place greater importance to misguided priorities like taxes, climate change, political rhetoric and secular matters of self-interest. Sister’s comments are well intentioned, however, they do not address the current and trending reality in America—the turn away from God by His people.

This November, and thereafter, Catholic religious and laity need to reflect on how we have been a major cause to America’s wounds. Have Catholics by our silence, disunity, complacency, secular priorities, pastoral timidity and improperly formed consciences when voting contributed to the proliferation of the moral, social and cultural decay in America? My answer is yes. When the Light comes out ablaze from under the bushel only then we will have peace and heal.

Donald A. Orrico



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