Improving Lives


The following is in reference to the March 29 article, “Cardinal Says Democratic Party Abandons Catholics, Favors Abortion Agenda.”

Perhaps it is time for Tom Perez, an avowed pro-abortionist who wishes to exclude pro-life candidates from the Democratic Party, to step down as chairman of the DNC. He does not speak for many liberal Democrats who have in the past 85 years passed legislation that has sustained and improved the lives of most people (in keeping with Christ’s prescription for personal salvation, Matthew 25:31-46), namely, the passage of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid; disability and unemployment insurance; food (SNAP) and fuel aid to the poor; and laws that protect workers’ lives and rights, the environment and Dreamer immigrants. 

In contrast, Republican conservatives who vociferously proclaim their religious “values” have been the ones trying desperately to dismantle these same life-sustaining programs and instead pass legislation that materially benefits the very few to the detriment of everyone else all the while hiding behind an anti-abortion position to garner votes.

Dom Cirulli

Port Chester


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