‘Lead by Example’


When Catholics or any Christian protest the liberal acts of our Church hierarchy regarding caring for the less fortunate, they sometimes preach to us the parable of the Good Samaritan. What these churchmen fail to mention is that this Good Samaritan did not bring the victim of the assault to his home, but to an inn when he paid the innkeeper to care for the man.

This is quite different than taking hordes of unvetted refugees from sections of the world where enemies of non-believers have been condemned to death if they do not convert.

When members of the Church hierarchy take these same unvetted refugees into their own domiciles in violation of our president’s executive orders, feed them and bind their wounds and pay for these acts of mercies from their own funds, then come back and ask that we help unvetted refugees.

The Church hierarchy is supposed to lead by example, not order its adherents because of fiat or faith-based directives issued ex cathedra, especially when the events we are discussing fall into the political realm.

Joseph Stanaitis



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