Not Confused


In the article about Vice President Biden officiating at a same-sex marriage (CNY, Aug. 18), three bishops claim that the Vice President, by his participation, has created confusion over Church teaching on marriage. 

Who is confused? Not me or anyone I have spoken to who has read the article. Few if anyone by now can or should be confused of the Church’s stand on same-sex marriage. It is opposed. The Church teaches that marriage is a union of a man and a woman. I seriously doubt that anyone is now “confused” as a result of Biden officiating at one such marital event.

Biden, an elected official, attended and officiated, not as a representative of the Church, but as Vice President. Does anyone really think that the marrying couple or family invited Biden because he was a Catholic? No. Very likely the invitation was made to a personal or family friend, or possibly one or both of the couple worked for the Vice President. The marriage was clearly a civil ceremony, not a Church wedding in a parish sanctuary. Be reminded that regardless of whether one is married in a church, a wooded park or on a cruise ship, the wedding license is issued by the state, not by a church, synagogue or temple.

Jim Hammond



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