Not Too ‘Tolerant’


For some, tolerance is a one-way street, open only to their calculated and contrived interpretation. On this roadway, there are no stop signs or traffic lights to allow others an opportunity to join the flow and perhaps take a turn in another direction.

In his Letter to the Editor (CNY, June 8), Richard Cross applauds the actions of intolerant and narrow-minded students of Notre Dame University. They felt it their right to deny Vice President Mike Pence the opportunity to voice his opinions and beliefs, because of his actions as governor of Indiana in stopping the settlement of Syrian refugees, which I believe was for the safety and security of his state and its people. Whatever happened to the fair, open and robust exchange of ideas, especially at a Catholic university?

Those on the left of the political spectrum cannot sanction another’s opposing point of view. The reason is simple; they lack the strength and the courage of conviction and in most cases they do not possess the requisite knowledge to respond in kind with a valid argument to those with an opposing point of view. The students had an opportunity to confront the Vice President on his opposition to the refugee issue, but did not want to hear it.

Vice President Pence does not hesitate in expressing his fervent pro-life beliefs, and support for traditional marriage and values. So instead of criticizing and punishing the vice president, perhaps his detractors should rethink their priorities. Catholics can disagree with the Church and each other on certain issues, like immigration, but what is more important, immigration or the right to life and the family structure?

Bob Pascarella



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