Not ‘Unforgivable’


I am an Aisle Person (Letters, Sept. 15). I am claustrophobic, and when I am surrounded by large people, I am extremely uncomfortable. If the biggest problem Mr. Ganssle has in life is to watch where people sit, then he needs a hobby. To say it “disgusts” him, and while at Mass he is lamenting the “aisle seat covetousness,” it’s too bad he can’t concentrate. 

I get to church early to sit on the aisle. So I can pray, meditate beforehand. If I am asked to move, usually after the Mass has started by late-comers, I gladly move, or get up and let the people in. 

To suggest this is an “unforgivable” offense is ridiculous. In this time in our world’s history, there are more important things that need to be forgiven. Mr. Ganssle doesn’t know, nor is he entitled to know, each individual’s reason for sitting where they sit. I’m surprised CNY even printed his letter.

JoAnn Maraglino



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