Steps to God


Reading Patrice Liquori’s article, “Singing as They Walked The Camino,” was a pleasant reminder of the time spent a couple of years ago when a friend and I completed the Camino.  

Interesting to me, it was Rainer, a seemingly not very religious friend, who asked me if I’d be interested. I was, maybe, just waiting for such an invitation. Rainer is younger and in better shape than me, but walking from the towns of Sarria to Compostela, we both endured, and got our certificatos! This pilgrimage trail has been a bit like ‘the little train that could’ since Charlemagne’s time in the ninth century. The Protestant Reformation, etc., slowed down traffic for a time, but it never really stopped entirely. Today, Type A personalities pedaling state-of-the-art bikes high and low are everywhere, but courteous. Still, it’s the so-called “regular folks” that really rule.  

Rainer’s a Type A, but I’m a Type M, and I did it. In a good way, these are steps for and to Almighty God.

John Early



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