Today’s Political Parties


In reference to the letter entitled “Improving Lives” (CNY, April 12), the writer implies that the Democratic Party is doing God’s work as prescribed in Matthew 25:31-46 in keeping with Christ’s prescription for personal salvation. That may make one feel good but just being a Democrat is not going to get you into heaven. As Matthew’s Gospel says, the good works must be personal, not by the government.

The Democratic Party of the past 15 or 20 years is not the party of JFK. It has been increasingly taken over by the party’s progressive left. We must view both parties as they are today, not as in the past.

The GOP does not propose nor is it feasible for it to attempt taking back the social programs now existing. Improving the shortcomings of the “Obamacare” program cannot honestly be seen as taking back a social program. The current Democratic Party is doing many things that are contrary to Church teaching, especially on the abortion issue, which trumps all other issues. It attacks traditional marriage and religious liberty and insists that all accept their views with gusto or be labeled as anti-gay, anti-women or anti-something.

No practicing Christian should in good conscience support the Democratic Party of today unless and until it changes its left wing goals.

Kenneth Brown

Staten Island


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