Values and Obligations


We are Christians, citizens of the great experiment—the United States of America—and so we have difficult duties and obligations not given to citizens of any other nation, including accepting immigrants from all parts of the world, no matter economic status. Our Savior came for the marginalized, the poor, the sick. What is our duty? 

Our great historical, unique nation brings a combination of factors together, unseen in human development. Because we are followers and believers in the New Testament—one of high demands and values, with the foundation of Judaica—we must fulfill obligations, face challenges or fail and fall to the lowest of human sins, a disrespect of all life. The obligations become more difficult with each succeeding generation, but if we fail, then we fail not only our souls but the entire human race and an unlimited future—one united in all our differences.

We cannot make decisions based on fear, for those decisions will yield a short-sighted future. Future generations will judge us on our failures arising from these fears. 

America is an idea made tangible, incarnated into a beacon of light by the blood of the many, creating incomprehensible forms of wealth with the many unseen: arriving and seeking—seeking more than what can be achieved anywhere. We can be the Samaritans of the future, or follow narrow-mindedness and poor leadership and become the New Pharisees.

Glenn Slaby

New Rochelle


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