A ‘Holy’ Place


I have read the disturbing statistic that so many Catholics do not believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. I would like to share a personal opinion as to what may be contributing to this and offer a suggestion that may help to reverse this woeful reality.

I try to get to Sunday Mass as early as I can so that I may prepare myself for the celebration. I also like to remain afterward to reflect on the great gift of the Eucharist and express my gratitude for the opportunity to take Jesus into my very self.

Unfortunately, both before and after Mass it is very difficult to concentrate because of the chattering of my fellow parishioners. They seem to be unaware of the sacredness of their surroundings.

If I am not mistaken, when a church is consecrated the bishop anoints the four walls with the sacred chrism. This makes the place holy and a fitting place for the Sacrifice of the Mass. It also makes “My house is a house of prayer.” When we spend time in this sacred place in much the same way as we do in a supermarket or on a street corner, is it no wonder that we lose sight of the magnificent Presence of our Savior in the tabernacle?

In my humble opinion, it would be a great step in the right direction if all our priests would emphatically remind the faithful of the sacredness of the place where they are and in whose presence they are.

Lorraine Kalafut