‘Choice of Letters’


I was incredulous at your choice of letters to publish in the Jan. 28 issue.

One took exception that the reporting of the violence of the few in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol besmirched the majority who attended. What’s the old dictum, I know you by your friends? The videos show that when the violence started, too many of the non-violent didn’t disappear so quickly.

Two of the letters repeat the Trump canard that the election was lost by massive fraudulent voting. Not a single Secretary of State, state Election Commissioner or court judge—Republican or Democrat—found significant evidence supportive of the allegations. In fact, Trump’s legal team never made those allegations in court, knowing full well that bearing false witness without evidence would land them in professional hot water.

Finally, one letter alleges subversive leftist activists fomenting the assaults and damages during the riot. Again, no evidence to support the claim. As I write, two nationalist “Proud Boy” New Yorkers, definitely rightist Trump supporters, are charged with conspiracy for the riot.

The letter writers did not express opinion. It was alt-right propaganda. Given the fact that they are regular Catholic New York readers, in charity I conclude it is their alt-reality.

Vincent Gaglione


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