‘Disgraceful Farewell’


I was appalled and bewildered by your recent cover story of the mayhem at the Capitol on January 6, truly a disgraceful farewell this was to our now erstwhile champion pro-life president, who besides giving us three conservative justices of SCOTUS, so recently held an unprecedented convention so recognizant of Catholicism, concluded with an Ave Maria.

After his being robbed of the election, betrayed by those close to him, you so quickly joined the chorus of his enemies by advancing the slanderous absurd suspicion that he actually sponsored a self-defaming riot at the Capitol.

There indeed were Trump supporters swept into the Capitol, likely even Catholic pro-life supporters among them thinking they were invited when the Capitol police took away the portable barriers allowing them to pass. But those who had been attacking conservative gatherings and tearing down statues all year were there also, some wearing the red MAGA hats, for the purpose of attributing their criminality to President Trump, his supporters, to you and me.

Henry Kelly