Don’t Forget Cuba


I am writing to you because I read the July 15 issue and noticed you have news about Haiti.

The same issue had nothing about my country of birth, Cuba. I am writing to you on behalf of my Cuban people on the Island. On July 11, the Cuban people lost their fear and went into the streets throughout the entire country exclaiming “Libertad.” They were protesting peacefully, just shouting “Libertad.” For this, the people have been brutally attacked, beaten, shot, locked up in jail. I must tell you that Miguel Mario Diaz Canel has ordered all communists, all revolutionaries, all adolescents and children to go into the streets and attack and hurt their own citizens for proclaiming “Libertad.” He has removed internet access throughout the entire island. No one is able to communicate or show the world the crimes that are being commited.

Cuba has been under a dictatorship for more than 62 years. We were a Catholic country, but after Fidel Castro took over in 1959 he made Cuba an athiest country. I am very grateful and I loved when St. Pope John Paul II went to Cuba in January 1998. Please write about Cuba. The world needs to know.

Bertha Chahin
Editor’s Note: There is a story about the situation in Cuba on Page 11.


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