Front-Page Joy


Re: front page of the Aug. 12 issue.

At the end of my day at work, I opened my mailbox and saw the front page of my CNY and the smiles of the Sisters of Life changed my whole demeanor. I couldn’t stop smiling and thinking of their joy. Thank you for your vocation, which started me reminiscing.

TY Sisters of Mercy, I still say a prayer whenever I hear a siren. TY Christian Brothers for the prayer “Lord, let me not die until I’ve done for thee my earthly work whatever it may be.” TY Father for this Tapestry of Life and the people you have woven into it. Friends, Deacons, Diocesan Priests, Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt, Helpers of the Holy Souls, Religious Life, Idente Missionaries, The Jesuits, all who have made a difference in my life. The Retreats—RECs, TECs,HECs—New York School of Liturgical Music, Seminars, anything having to do with God—one can’t go wrong by saying yes.

Robert Seda


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