‘Great Tragedy’


I was surprised to see only negative letters in your placement of the attack on our sacred halls at the Capitol. Our proven voting system was viciously attacked. This great tragedy resulted and deserved placement given.

These halls of Congress were created by the sacrifices of many, from those buried in Arlington, just a few miles away, in forgotten fields of foreign nations, in jungles and under the seas of the world— for ideas and ideals never seen in human history.

Our great democracy, this great experiment of diversities—of faiths, races, beliefs, from all corners of the world, of equality for all—which may always be a work in progress, was brutally attacked by hate, greed, contempt and ignorance. Attacked by those who refuse to accept truth, data, common sense, listen to reason, respect democracy and sacrifices made by many. Desecration began with hate at the prior rally, reinforced and symbolized by disgusting values (the confederate flag) then carried through hallowed halls, with calls for violence and death.

Maybe this attack on the beliefs of so many should have received greater coverage by your paper, for much was shattered that day. A shot of disgrace heard around the world.

Glenn Slaby
New Rochelle


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