Life Issues


Thank you for the recent articles alerting Catholic voters to current issues at both the federal and state levels that directly affect our religious beliefs and freedom. Reading these articles with such precise detail in their Catholic New York draws attention to the importance of their vote. They cannot just support a “fellow Catholic” but must understand what they advocate. I wish we were more knowledgeable and vocal before we come to this point, like New York exalting itself for being the most liberal abortion rights state. Please continue to keep us informed.

May I suggest we advocate for “All Lives Matter—from Conception Until Natural Death.” The conception part is lost in New York state, but let’s push for that second part before that too is lost. Millions of us were taught this principle by our Catholic educators. Hence, we have millions who choose careers to serve others regardless of race, color, creed, etc.

Catholic New York can lead the charge for “All Lives Matter—From Conception to Natural Death.”

Margaret Flood