Milestone to Share


My parents are subscribers to your publication and they were looking at the article in your most recent edition about the longest-married couples in the archdiocese. They weren’t aware that you recognized these couples when they showed me the article today.

My parents, Joseph and Betty Imperial, will be married 74 years on June 1. They are both 97 years old. This is an amazing milestone, which is, I’m sure, why you wrote the article recognizing all the other couples.

In the event you run something like this again, it would be wonderful if you would be able to mention my parents. They now live in Rockland, in a house with us. But they spent most of their married years in Westchester County in the White Plains/Greenburgh area.

My dad is a WWII veteran and they are normally quiet about their milestones. But this is something that should be shared, if possible.

Lisa Imperial-DiNardo

Editor’s Note: You are one of several readers to share the good news of your parents’ anniversary after the article on the longest-married couples was published in Catholic New York. Each year, our message is the same: Congratulations, and please enter the longest-married couple search run by the archdiocese’s Family Life Office next year. We publicize the contest beforehand, and carry a story on the winners and runners-up, in which 29 couples were recognized this year. To qualify, couples who are sacramentally married for 65 or more years and live in the Archdiocese of New York must enter the contest. Please watch for the notice in Catholic New York in December. Let’s try for 50 couples next year.