Modeling Kindness


On behalf of St. Patrick’s School in Bedford, especially our seventh and eighth grade students, I want to publicly thank Father Christopher Argano, who spent a morning at the school, discussing the importance of kindness. As Father Chris noted in his article in CNY’s Oct. 10 issue, St. Patrick’s theme this year is “in a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

Our upper house students were reminded of their important responsibility as student leaders to set a good example and be positive role models for our younger students. We have always had a Buddy Program at St. Patrick’s School and our students work so well together. Father Chris provided a timely reminder to lead by example and mindfully practice kindness. We are grateful that he shared his time and his insights and practiced kindness with us.

Sharyn O’Leary
Ms. O’Leary is principal of St. Patrick’s School in Bedford.