Pray for Vocations


In your Sept. 26 edition, Mr. Struble wrote with precise memory about the Sister that prepared him for his Holy Communion in 1955! Almost 65 years have gone by, and what she taught him is still embedded in his memory.

Many of us have similar experiences. Mine was thanks to the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill that prepared us for our all of our sacraments in the 1970s. I attended St. Brendan’s in the Bronx, but the Sparkill Dominicans were involved in many parishes. These women religious dedicated their lives to ensure that we received the foundations of our faith. While many have passed, others (many into their 80s) still offer their time through tutoring, like Sister Mary Joyce, O.P.; working with youth, Sister Marie Hess, O.P.; working with the elderly nuns, Sister Stephen Gerard and Sister Virginia Brodowski, O.P.; or raising funds for the aging nuns, Sister Peggy Scarano, O.P.

Mr. Struble points out that the loss of the sisters is a void that our Church in this country needs to refill. I couldn’t agree more and encourage all of us to pray for a focus on reinvigorating that vocation.

Jim Salerno
Fort Myers, Fla.