Prayers of Consolation


Like most mornings, my husband turned on the radio to 1010 WINS news radio when we heard the broadcaster announce “the face of a statue of the Blessed Mother has been smeared with feces by someone who apparently was deranged.” Having tuned in during the middle of the broadcast, we do not know if this occurred directly on church grounds, however, we did hear that it happened in Jersey City, N.J. I would think that the statue was most likely located at an institution of the Church.

This act in itself is heartbreaking and one which Catholics ought to be made aware of so that we can offer some form of prayerful reparation to console the hearts of Jesus and Mary, and to pray for the person responsible as well. The prayer of the “Hail Mary” is always beautiful, and one fervent Hail Mary goes a long way.

Coincidentally, tomorrow is Sept. 15, the day Holy Mother Church honors the Blessed Virgin Mother of God under her title Mother of Sorrows.

Rosaria Incantalupo
Staten Island