School’s Center


I find solace in the article “Adoration Chapel Brings Spiritual Graces to Iona Prep Community” (Editor’s Report, March 25). Father Justin Cinnante, O. Carm., school chaplain, has found that Eucharistic Adoration “has borne fruit not only for the students’ personal journeys, but also for the entire school community.”

Eucharistic Adoration seems to center and hold the community together. One only has to look at the photo of Mrs. Libby Giordano and her son Vito; she is looking upward as if in thanksgiving and her son is looking forward as if in courage.

Emanations from the Holy Spirit abound when a mother of seven finds the time to coordinate the schedule for Adoration. It seems that the importance of getting things done right away to meet or beat deadlines is ephemeral when the peace of Christ enters with His wisdom, Divine Will and virtues. The prayer packet that Father Cinnante provided elevates and develops the prayer life taking root in the school.

Gloria Ausubel
Port Ewen