‘Teach All Nations’


I am reflecting on today's Gospel after reading this week's edition of Catholic New York, particularly articles centered around the issues of race, prejudice and sinfulness. Jesus speaks to us so clearly every day and so relevantly in Holy Scripture. “Call no one father, teacher, nor master yet remain brothers”; teachings found in Mt 23, 1-12. I asked myself what does this mean? We call our priests Fathers, don’t we?

I believe the answer lies in the last sentence regarding humility in this reading. Cardinal Dolan points out succinctly, we are all sinners often manifesting in the sins of pride, prejudice and spreading falsehoods. These issues are articulated similarly by Msgr. Thomas Shelley and Ms. Kathleen Gallagher. Taken as a whole, their wise comments speak to how we as laity should “teach all nations.” Jesus tells us to remain humble. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we can then echo the source of the one Truth, Our Father in Heaven.

Ronald Chomiw