Wrong Lead Story


As a regular reader of Catholic New York, I was disturbed by the selection of the cover story in its Jan. 14 edition. A report of the mob attack on our nation’s Capitol read and looked like a lead story from the New York Times. The assault was perpetrated by less than .005% of the more than the several hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters. Where was the coverage of the peaceful marchers many of whom spent part of their day in prayer and song?

Editor John Woods, and reporter Rhina Guidos joined those who rushed to judgment and condemned all. The paper’s editorial also belonged in the Times. It dismissed many of the concerns of sincere and worthwhile citizens and offered a weak criticism of Democrat values and agenda.

The responses to the violence by Pope Francis and Cardinal Dolan were relegated to pages 25 and 12, respectively. The article telling of the 200-year commemoration of the remarkable life and work of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, pages 4 and 11, would have been a more meaningful lead story. It better reflects and promotes the values and interests of the Archdiocese and the readers of CNY.

Pauline Beall
Campbell Hall