Wrong Message


I am astounded to see the cover photo of CNY April 8.

We were advised that this year's Easter Vigil would not include the traditional candles for the congregation due to the protocols set in place to protect the public during this time of Covid pandemic.

Even though we are working toward eradicating this illness we are not there yet and I was happy to see that the Archdiocese had put in place such detailed and appropriate protocols for how we conduct Masses through this difficult time. Now, to see that a parish went against that protocol by allowing the use of candles at the Vigil flies in the face of those pastors and parishes that followed it. I think it was inappropriate for CNY to put that picture on the cover of the paper. What message does it send, especially since the Cardinal's message inside the paper is to come back to church?

C. Squillini
New Windsor

Editor’s Note: At the time of publication, Catholic New York was not aware of the guidance against the use of candles at the Easter Vigil. We would not have used the photo on the cover had we known.