Call for Reflection


Regarding the letter from John M. Conroy (CNY, June 3).

I admit this is a spontaneous response to Mr. Conroy's letter, but I am wondering why he is looking to Catholic New York to resolve the “two very different views” on the Biden administration. Why can he not reflect for himself on this question and make his own decision as a faithful, compassionate, loving, discerning believer in Jesus Christ and His teachings? As an educated and truth-seeking mature Catholic?

Who is George Weigel? In my opinion, Mr. Weigel is a faithful and conservative Catholic who paints black and white pictures with a broad brush—he judges our president by the standard of “all good” or “all bad” and cannot see that a leader in these troubled and troubling times must represent all of the people and do what he thinks best (often for the short term while working for the long term). David Brooks, in contrast to Mr. Weigel, is a moderate

Republican who has come to understand the human condition, is insightful about the issues involved in political leadership and has embraced very Christian values over the recent decades of his life. Which one of these men is a bridge-builder? Which one tries to help citizens of all faiths remain hopeful and informed?

I can understand confusion. So often we want someone else to decide what is right, to tell us what to think and how to act. But as mature and discerning Catholics, we need to make that decision for ourselves.

Rosemary Molloy Lover
Red Hook