‘Growing Chorus’


I would like to add my voice to the growing chorus of New York Catholics who are saddened by the announcement of the expected closing of Catholic New York in the fall. It will be a great loss to me both personally and professionally. I always found Catholic New York to be an excellent place to get news about our Catholic community. I have found that diocesan newspapers like Catholic New York have more of a pastoral perspective in reporting the news, while our national Catholic newspapers have more of a political perspective that I can easily find in so many of our non-Catholic news outlets.

Catholic New York has also been of great value to me professionally as a good place to advertise some of the Church-related activities that we sponsor at Fordham. And I am indebted to you and your staff for the many wonderful articles that your journalists have written about our work at Fordham.

You and your colleagues will be missed.

Professor Henry Schwalbenberg
Director, The Graduate Program in International Political Economy and Development

Fordham University, the Bronx