Regis Graduate Credits Teachers for ‘Jeopardy!’ Success


The answer is: Appear on Jeopardy.

The question was: What can you do with a Catholic education?

That was the experience of one Regis graduate, Joe Taglic. He appeared on “Jeopardy!’s Teen Tournament” that aired on ABC late last month.

In a press release, the school noted that Taglic used some old-fashioned techniques, with a modern upgrade to prepare for the tournament. He finished the tournament in the semifinals match with a whopping $37,595, in second place.

"My first priority was state capitals and world capitals. So I spent a week's worth of train rides running through digital flash cards on my phone,” he said.

“And whenever I had free time, I was using the J! Archive—an ever-expanding database of every Jeopardy! episode in recent history—to look at questions from past Teen Tournament games and get a feel for what I should know in terms of other categories,” he said.

“Representing Regis was a lot of fun and I was proud to do so in this way because I felt like I was doing my best to demonstrate the academic caliber of our entire school,” he said in a statement. “I give credit to my teachers at Regis for giving me the knowledge to do well at Jeopardy! in the first place.”

On the show, Taglic wore his Regis red tie and lapel pin to show his school spirit. He will attend MIT in the fall.