‘Revolting Development’


Re: Editorial on McCarrick Report (CNY, Nov. 19) Granted, it is very easy to draw conclusions and point fingers after the facts have been presented—as Monday-morning quarterbacks do. However, my stomach still aches every time I read additional information and see documentation of the series of blown opportunities to curtail the travesty wrought on our Church by the likes of Theodore McCarrick.

It is extremely difficult to weed out all the antagonists in this revolting development when, at times, there still appears to be some resistance to face the reality of the possible complicity and culpability of so many we revered and trusted within our faith family.

On the brighter side, I share CNY’s pride in the attempts by New York’s archbishops (Cardinals O’Connor and Dolan) to forestall any advancement of McCarrick within the Church’s ranks.

Ken Horstman
Manchester, N.J.