Sisters’ Appreciation


In the recent edition of Weavings, the magazine of the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill, Sister June Clare Tracy, O.P., does a great job in reminding all of us of the sisters' ministry of Catholic education. From their founding through today, from the Bronx to Rockland County to Missouri to Pakistan, these women religious have studied, sacrificed and dedicated themselves to their vocation. So many of us benefited from their time and talents, and many still continue to today. With the archdiocese recently celebrating Catholic Teacher Appreciation Day, the timing of the article was perfect. You never forget your favorite teacher, mine was Sister Michael Marie, O.P. (Mary Casey), but I was blessed with many others.

Sister June Clare is currently the executive director of the Office of Catholic Identity for the Archdiocese. In that role she ensures that the fourth 'R,' Religion, remains at the core of all things taught in the schools, guiding students, teachers and administrators in that regard. Like so many other Sisters of Sparkill, living and deceased, Sister June Clare has dedicated her life to that mission.

We thank all of them, many of whom can use our help in their golden years at Sparkill. Please reach out to the convent for more information, or their website to read the magazine article. May God bless them all.

Jim Salerno
Fort Myers, Fla.