Young Voices


Regarding Claudia McDonnell’s column, “Maria Goretti, Model of Courage” (CNY, July 20), I was able to celebrate the Feast of St. Maria Goretti at Holy Family Church on Staten Island with the members of the Goretti Group. We gathered to celebrate this young woman who gave her life to protect her own purity, deeply valued because of her Catholic faith. St. Maria Goretti, as the patron saint of young people, purity and forgiveness, is a saint to be commemorated by the young people of our time. 

As a Catholic young adult, I agree with Ms. McDonnell that it is often difficult to stand up for our faith and Christian values without fear of being ridiculed, but it is important that as the future of our Church we do defend her and speak out with words of love. As millennial Catholics, we have a moral obligation, despite pressure, not to remain silent, and to be able to “protect our spiritual integrity” and not to “compromise our faith or virtue.” 

St. Maria Goretti provides us with the courage to proclaim our faith and to let our beliefs be known to others. She is not only a role model for us young people to practice chastity and bodily purity, but she gives us the inspiration to have the strength to overcome situations, and to make the choice to let our voices be heard when it comes to defending our faith.

Christina M. Sorrentino

Staten Island