‘Night and Day’


George R. Hopkins’ criticisms of the directions we have taken as a nation, on certain issues, which are counter to the original intent of the Declaration of Independence, and I will add the Constitution, is commendable (Letters to the Editor, CNY, Aug. 1). There is one essential element that Mr. Hopkins neglects to mention that I believe is a major factor, and the cause for his concern, the Democratic Party.

No longer the party of our parents and grandparents, Democrats have gone through a transformation. With few exceptions, they have become radicalized, reckless and their positions on most issues are antithetical to the Judeo-Christian ethic, traditional values and institutions most of the American people uphold. The dignity and sanctity of life, marriage between one man and one woman, sexuality and gender are in defiance of nature and nature’s God.

Say what you will about Republicans, the difference is like night and day, and Democrats have lost their way.

Bob Pascarella