“The greatest destroyer of peace and love is abortion,” St. Teresa of Calcutta


It is more important now than ever for our Catholic Church leaders to unite behind Church teaching and doctrine that abortion is contrary to Church and moral law, and that it is a mortal sin. Anyone who participates willingly in an abortion commits a grievous mortal sin. The “forces of evil” in our secular society who espouse and advocate abortion would want you to believe that to oppose abortion, is to oppose love and compassion.

How contrary to reality is this notion of our secular world to frame opposition to abortion as opposition to love. We know without a shadow of a doubt, particularly with the aid of modern science and technology that it is a child in the womb of a mother.

This unborn child has an inalienable right to life. The state or authority has an obligation to protect human life from the first moment of conception until death. This is truly protecting and enforcing love, not the manipulative narrative that pro-abortionists proclaim.

Pope Francis and our American Catholic bishops must not hesitate to denounce and reject those Catholic elected officials, such as President Biden and Speaker Pelosi, who openly encourage and espouse the women’s right to an abortion. They are not devout Catholics and the leadership should remind them of their wrong. The Catholic Church is not involving itself in politics, as the media narrative will exclaim, but rather the Catholic Church is protecting God’s law and hence Church law that has stood since the inception of the Church with Jesus Christ. The secular state that encourages access to abortion is denying the equality before the law of all life, as in this case the life of the unborn.

Frank and Terry Del Campo